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    After sales service

    After-sale service

    1.Repairing service

    During the warranty period, we will repair the equipment units free of charge unconditionally, if the deficiency caused by product quality problem or installation. We take no responsibility if the failure coursed by disobeying operation regulations of the clients or under the irrevocable exterior factors stipulated by our country.

    We promise a follow-up service for the life time of the equipment. When the warranty expires, we can continue to provide maintenance service for whole life of the equipment, and certain service fee will be charged.

    We can give the quick response for unit repairing and promise to complete repairing within 3 days after we receive the units. We can also dispatch engineer to site to support serious system deficiency on the request of the customer. The customer will charge of the flight tickets ,meal ,hotel .safety ?-?-..

    2.Software updating service

    After our customer purchases our LED electronic display, we will also provide our customer with the service of software updating free of charge. Our customer can download the new version from our website or by e-mail.

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