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    Outdoor DIP P22 Full Color LED Display Virtual Pixel

    Products details:

    Large viewing angle,low powerconsumption and good performance in color uniformity.

    Highly durable and weatherproof

    suitable for large scale advertising displays

    Virtual pixel technology

    Best view Distance (22m-180m)

    Technical Parameters

    Model: P22 (DIP546) Brightness: 5500 CD/SQM
    Item: HTFO-2200V Visual Angle: 110/55 degree
    Pitch size: 22mm(virtual 11mm) Best View Distance: 22-180meters
    Pixel Density: 2066dots/SQM Protection: IP 65
    Pixel Contents: 2R1G1B Module size: 352mm*176mm
    LED Data: Red:?d(620-630nm)IV:(550-650 mcd) Resolution / Module: 16*8=128
    Green:?d(520-525nm)IV:(2500-3100 mcd) Total Module/ Cabinet: 24
    Blue:?d(465-470nm)IV:(650-750 mcd) Cabinet size: 1408mm*1056mm
    Maximum Power: 800 W/SQM Resolution/ Cabinet: 64*48
    Average Power: 400 W/SQM Weight/Cabinet 65 kg