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    Indoor Full Color LED Display-P7.62mm

    Products details:

    Indoor Full Color Display uses the red, green,  blue trinity lamps as radiation apparatus to revert the nature color. It adopts the advanced independent visual controller as its control system, optical fiber to transmit controlling signal independent case structure. It is the most advanced outdo led planar display at present.

    Technical Parameters

    Type HTFI-762
    Pitch 7.62mm
    Pixel Density 17200 pixels/m2
    Color Full Color
    Unit Board Dimension 244mm×122mm
    Pixels on unit board 32×16 pixels
    Brightness 2000CD/ m2
    Visual Angle ±80 o
    Working Temperature -20?~~+80?
    Volt 220V / 110V
    Maximum Power Consumption 1000w/m2
    Average Power Consumption 500w/m2
    Refresh Rate 180Hz
    Life Time 100000 hours
    Communication Method UTP(TCP/IP), Optical Fiber
    Unit Case Weight 1 Kg
    MTTF 5000 hours
    Blind Dot Percentage 0.1‰