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    Basketball LED Display

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    1.For outdoor sports video screen, we use visual pixel technology to realize better performance of vivid video display. For indoor sports video screen, we use SMD 3 in 1 technology, which takes wider viewing angle, higher refresh rate for the sports events broadcasting. During indoor events it is fundamentally important to connect with one's audience. CHIPLED can supply high quality led sports displays with endless possibilities to manage and integrate dynamic content including video, time, text, graphic and scoreboard systems for every type of sports events. The content we display is simple, clear and legible to ensure the best experience for our spectators. Our LED interface processor can realize the communication in real-time. LED Control software manages a full range of content on our displays including text, animation and images, and creates a perfect video performance during the event.

    2.LED Cabinet is thinner and less weighted in order to save transportation cost.Except for installation frames, we supply full set of LED display system including control system, power supply, software, accessories, installation construction drawings and other services.

    3.Our LED display can be installed in different climate areas all over the world. Low temperature as -20? and high temperature as +60?, high humidity and high salty air environment such as seaside, our cabinet is moisture-proof and salt-proof.

    4.LED video control system is with double-backup system. Once if malfunction happens, customer can switch to the spare system immediately.

    5.SMD 3 in 1 technology application in the sports indoor and outdoor LED video screen realized wider viewing angle, and higher refresh rate, which ensure the viewer never miss a chance of the real time sports events.

    6.The software zone function can realize the division of windows on the full video screen, so that image, real time display, text, clock, match score can be displayed at the same time.