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    LED display existing problems and development in China

    LED display existing problems and development in China

    First, lack of technological innovation capacity, the overall level of innovation needs to improve the industry. Mainly in the high technological content of new products and lead the market development of the backbone of the lack of fist products, "cloning" technology and product phenomenon is widespread, the industry can promote technological progress and enhance the overall level of development of the industry play an active role in the lack of leading enterprises , Enterprises in the R & D investment is seriously inadequate. Due to the lack of technological innovation, product low-level technical duplication, leading to market competition in the price war and a variety of non-standard competition.

    Second, the core competitiveness of enterprises is weak. Industry technology progress is slow, low degree of product innovation, technical content is not enough to lead to lack of core competitiveness.

    Third, the industrial chain of dislocation. The combination of upstream and downstream industries, professional collaboration and division of labor is a sign of healthy development and maturity of the industry. LED industry in recent years there have been a lot of display manufacturing enterprises LED device packaging and LED device packaging production and display of the situation. From the development of enterprises, of course, has its own reasons, but the composition of the industry chain is unreasonable.