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    LED display market competition

    LED display market competition

    In the past for a long time the application of LED mainly in the LED display, traffic lights, small backlight. LED lighting should now be part of the general lighting, that can be commercial, can also enter the family.

    But LED lighting companies need to do a long-term investment, to clear the risk of LED lighting investment, and now the risk of investment is mainly the risk of technical instability. It is difficult to make a lot of money in the short term. At present, LED technology in the continuous development, involving the choice of LED devices, LED power options, LED lighting shell and metal cooling options, which involves the technical aspects of electronic technology, materials technology, optical design technology, electromagnetic compatibility technology and Other technology, covering a wide range of fields, really make a stable product, the requirements are actually very high, not to buy parts can be assembled. Stable products need to achieve a certain safety and performance standards can be. Including reliability, light failure, power efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility, optical matching, etc. are relatively detailed technical requirements, LED parameter performance really meet the requirements of a general lighting is not easy.

    LED display industry competition will be further intensified, and the Chinese mainland's display market in recent years has also grown up several relatively large turnover of large enterprises, economies of scale reflected. LED display market in the future will become more standardized, large-scale, modular. With the LED display applications more and more widely, more and more cost-effective, more affordable prices, while the country's 4 trillion investment led a lot of applications, the display market will continue to grow rapidly. In the application, such as Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail in every big station has four large high-definition LED display, China to build the world's largest high-speed rail network, LED display demand in this area will be great. This is just a microcosm. The market is growing, more and more companies to join, but there will be some companies were eliminated.

    A good business should adapt to changes in the market. In the torrent of the market to maintain their own style, with better products to consolidate their position in the market rumors that to be eliminated, but also from their own to find a breakthrough, the product into a classic, and even the community can not Submerged brilliant.