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    The new voice of business

    The new voice of business

    Just about everyone connected to electronic billboards are benefiting with outstanding results ranging from LED sign manufacturers(who can’t make them fast enoiugh) to outdoor billboard operators(who are building outdoor digital display neworks in premium locations as quickly as possible).

    Electronic billboards are an economy of use, both in ternms sign management inventory and in earnings potential. The proper management of an electronic billboard allows six to eight different advertising messages to share the same sign face, increasing multiple advertising awareness without the labor of continually replacing vinu sign faces. In terms of earnings potential, anecdotal evidence has portrayed advertising messages on a single sign face as being able to “out earn” their print counterparts.

    OAAA sets stage for electronic billboards

    The billboard has a legacy dating back to the 1830s when it began outdoor advertising with just about everyone’s favorite tag:” The circus is coming to town.” In 1891, when the billboard medium was well established in towns and roadsides throughtout America, a trade association of Bill Posters was created, an organization that moren than one hundred years later has come to be the ooutdoor advertising association of America (OAAA).

    The billboard has since evolved into three standard sizes, 10x36 feet(a 30 sheet), 14x18 feet(a bulletin),and 12x24 feet(poster) OAAA chief marketing officer, steve Freitas estimated that tody in the United states there are close to 450,000 roadside ooutdoor print billboards(incorporatiing all three format). Electronic billboards are just getting started and Freitas acknowledges that as of summer, 2006 there are probably at least 200 electonic billboards in the U.S